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Monthly Performance Report: June 2023

In the month of June, the Fund rose 2.9% (after fees) to close out the quarter with a positive return of 3.1% (after fees).  This compares to the Small Ords returns of 0.0% for the month and -0.5% for the quarter.

The portfolio is relatively concentrated. It is focused on companies that are experiencing step changes in their business prospects due to recurring business situations that are typically underestimated by the market. Major themes include the roll out of best in class medical products, retail concepts that are expanding despite consumer headwinds, and resource companies benefitting from the challenges of electrification and energy. Our level of exposure to technology stocks is currently low.

Monash Investors was established in 2012, and over that time 91% of the stocks in our portfolio have been Small Companies in that they have been outside the S&P/ASX 100.  At the end of this update we include a table that shows the Fund’s performance over the 12 years since we started. We have beaten Small Ords over all time periods except the last financial year.

The biggest two contributors to our returns this month were Impedimed (ASX: IPD) up 28% as it continues to be adopted by USA healthcare payors to monitor cancer patients for lymphedema, and Temple and Webster (ASX: TPW) up 24% which continued to recover from being sold down heavily during the previous month on unfounded fears of weak furniture sales.

The only significant detractor was Johns Lyng (ASX: JLG) down 16% which fell on a trading update where it upgraded its full year guidance. The problem was that the upgrade was driven by extra building work responding to catastrophes, rather than from its business as usual work (BAU) which was flat, as the market has come to expect upgrades in BAU prior to year-end.

Per capita discretionary consumer spending continues to be under a lot of pressure due to increasing energy prices and mortgage rate / rent increases. On the other hand there are more consumers than ever with immigration at record levels, and government spending is also increasing, funded largely by taxing record commodity revenues.

So, despite the dramatic rise in interest rates this year it may be that Australia avoids a recession, which is generally defined as two quarters of negative Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth for the country as a whole. Australia’s GDP actually rose 0.2% in the most recently reported quarter, with domestic demand the primary contributor.

Often in life things are not as bad (or as good) as they seem.  The noise around the economy and what it means for stock market investors is an example of this. As investors we have to keep things in perspective when we weigh the outlook for stocks as businesses and their valuations.    

This can be a hard thing to do given intentionally dramatic media stories and commentary, as well as the daily economic releases and company announcements we read. At Monash Investors we do it by focusing on stocks that we think are undergoing positive step changes in their businesses, assisted by us identifying recurring business situations or patterns of behaviour.

Given our overwhelming exposure to small cap stocks, going forward we will be re-naming the portfolio to reflect this. This will help us position the fund as a product that is relevant to a larger number of investors.

We will not be changing our investment philosophy or approach but we will be making some minor changes. To better reflect to investors what we actually do, we will be narrowing the very wide risk limits of the portfolio to ranges consistent with how the portfolio has actually operated. For the Fund we will phase out pre-IPO investments to bring it in line with our listed fund, Monash Absolute Active Trust (Hedge Fund) (ASX: MAAT). And we will limit our cash holdings to a maximum of 10% at any time, compared to the 20% they have averaged since our inception. For more information on these changes please refer to the notice sent to unitholders on 5 June 2023.

Return Summary Since Inception1(after all fees)

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1Inception date of Fund is 2 July 2012.

Fund Strategy

The Monash Absolute Investment Fund ARSN 606 855 501 (Fund) seeks to implement the investment strategy by investing in a diversified portfolio of predominantly Australian equities (long and short), with overseas assets expected to average no more than 5% over time.

The investment strategy is Benchmark Unaware and there is no predetermined asset allocation; rather, the Fund only invests when suitable opportunities are identified. As such, asset exposures may vary significantly over time and without notice.

The Fund seeks to only invest in compelling opportunities. To identify these investment ideas, Monash Investors primarily employs fundamental, bottom-up company research and the judgement of its experienced portfolio managers.

Key Fund Information

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