Constraint Restricts Reward From Opportunity

Monash Investors has more freedom to choose and act.
That’s just smarter.

Unlike most benchmark aware and index tracking funds, Monash Investors has fewer portfolio constraints. Having a more flexible mindset, helps to increase the likelihood of achieving our performance objectives, when compared to those fund managers who are bound by rules that make no sense from an investment perspective.

As such, Monash Investors manages equities more flexibly in a number of ways.

Monash Investors
Benchmark unawareNot concerned with a stock's weighting in an index when looking to buy a stockBuy only compelling stocks that offer considerable upside
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High return hurdle requirementPrimarily looking for compelling stocks that offer substantial pay offs to our entry priceHaving a high hurdle rate results in a more concentrated portfolio of only the most compelling opportunities. If investment opportunities cannot be found that meet the investment manager's requirement, we preserve capital in cash to avoid losses
Style agnosticUse all the key investment styles include value, growth and discounted cash flowCan capture more value over the investment cycle rather than just waiting for one style to be in favour over another when value is outperforming growth or vice versa
Stock size agnosticIndifferent to a stock's market capitalization when making an investmentCan go to where the best value is without being constrained by a stocks size. Sometimes these opportunities will be in small-capitalised stocks, whilst at other times they may be in mid to cap large stocks
Long and ShortCan make money by buying stocks that we believe will go up in value, and can make money by selling stocks that we believe will go down in valueHaving two sources of return generation, assists in achieving our objectives and helps to lower overall portfolio risk
Absolute return and capital preservation focusTake a multi strategy approach to achieving our absolute return targetsBelief is that more wealth can be created by achieving high rates of ‘absolute returns’ and by not losing our investors capital, over a full market cycle

All investments carry risk. Whilst it is not possible to identify every risk relevant to your investment, we have provided details of the risks that may affect your investment is in the Fund’s product disclosure statement (PDS).

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