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Why Coke Isn’t It

Coca-Cola is one of the best known brands on the planet. Coca-Cola Amatil (ASX: CCL) has an exclusive franchise granted by The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE: KO) to sell their products in Australia, NZ, Fiji and a large part of Indonesia. KO owns 30% of CCL, it sells CCL...

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Skydive the Beach set to soar

Skydive the Beach (ASX: SKB) is an adventure tourism company. SKBs principal activity is the provision of tandem skydiving and it is named after its original skydiving site on a beach in Wollongong. The skydiving industry has historically been dominated by smaller...

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Emerchants USA opportunity

On our recent trip to the USA, one of the companies we visited was EML Payments (ASX:EML).  In this short video, Simon discussed the significant business opportunity management is pursuing in the B2B Virtual Payments market.  This is a business opportunity we expect...

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Simon’s US Trip, June 2017

Earlier this month I spent a week in the US visiting some of the overseas operations of Australian listed businesses held in the portfolios we manage - both long and short. A thorough understanding of a business, and the challenges and opportunities it faces, is vital...

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Impedimed – A massive market opportunity

Impedimed is a medical device company that produces equipment capable of measuring changes in fluid levels in the human body in a highly accurate, non-invasive way. It has been given a Category 1 reimbursement code in the USA - the only other Australian listed...

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Emerchants UK expansion unaffected by Brexit

Emerchants’ has stable banking relationships with it’s UK & European banks that should be unaffected by the political uncertainty in the UK. Instead, we sees their expansion into the UK markets as an underappreciated opportunity. Based purely on the Australian...

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Sky TV – Outlook Short

We knew there was something wrong at Sky Network TV (which is listed on both the ASX and NZX) when they posted their first fall in subscriber numbers in 20 years. Upon investigation, we found that NZ brokers were hesitant to say anything negative about Sky as many of...

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Coca-Cola Amatil – Outlook Short

Given the structural headwinds faced by CCL, we think that analyst forecasts are too high, as is the multiple that the market is placing on those earnings.  It is not the low risk growth company that it once was. In shorting CCL, we draw confidence from identifying...

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